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Fight Your Washington Traffic Ticket

Whether minor or serious, a traffic ticket can have a far-reaching effect on your life. Beyond expensive traffic ticket fines, the prospect of higher insurance premiums can turn a simple mistake into a lasting financial burden. Some may face a license suspension, criminal record, or even the loss of their job.

It is no wonder that every year more people are choosing to fight their Washington traffic ticket. Statistics also indicate that people are winning their traffic ticket fights more often than ever. The June 1, 2006 Seattle Times reported that, "More people in Washington are fighting — and beating — traffic tickets than ever before. More than 158,000 traffic charges were dismissed last year, twice as many as a decade ago.…"

The Law Office of Michael D Sheehan has helped Washington residents beat thousands of traffic tickets for the past twelve years. Mr. Sheehan recognizes that every situation is different, and even tickets that seem minor could be very serious for some. If you intend to fight your traffic ticket, call Michael Sheehan today and find out how he can fight for you.

Fighting a Minor WA Traffic Infraction

What might seem like a minor traffic infraction can often spiral into expensive fines, higher insurance premiums, and even license suspension. Minor traffic ticket infractions include Speeding, Failure to Stop/Yield, Failure to Signal, Unsafe Lane Change/U-Turn, Carpool Lane Violation, Following Too Close, No Vehicle Insurance and many others. Mr. Sheehan routinely deals with clients who have received a WA speeding ticket and are hopeful they can defend against the ticket.

This type of Washington traffic ticket is either green or white. If you have received one of these types of tickets, Michael D Sheehan can keep the infraction from appearing on your driving record. This means that the Department of Licensing, your insurance company, and your employer will never find out about it.

In many situations, drivers are cited for traffic infractions that were unintentional. Many who have received a WA speeding ticket were unaware that they were violating the law when pulled over and issued a ticket. Just because you made a mistake doesn't mean you must pay for it for years to come, or lose your right to drive, or even your job. More people are discovering that you can successfully fight a Washington traffic ticket, even if it is considered a minor infraction.

Fighting a WA Criminal Traffic Ticket

Persons receiving a criminal (yellow) traffic ticket could face suspensions, expensive fines, increased insurance premiums, a criminal record, and even jail time. A criminal traffic ticket can have life-altering effects on your future, not to mention that of your family. With so much at stake it is vital to have someone with experience fighting for your rights.

Mr. Sheehan has successfully defended dozens of clients who have received a criminal traffic ticket in Washington. These types of traffic tickets include violations such as DUI, Reckless Driving, Negligent Driving, Hit and Run, Failure to Obey a Police Officer and many others. Understanding your rights is vital toward the success of your fight.

By working with you on an individual basis, Mr. Sheehan can address the circumstances behind your criminal traffic ticket and ascertain the best method for protecting your welfare and future.

WA Speeding Ticket

Why Hire an Attorney to Fight Your WA Traffic Ticket?

More people are hiring an attorney today to fight their traffic ticket because they are aware of the fallout that can result from even the most minor of traffic infractions. On the back of a traffic ticket the court provides instructions on how to pay the fine. What they fail to mention is that when you pay the traffic ticket fine, you are admitting that you "committed" the infraction. The court is then required by law to report the traffic infraction to the Department of Licensing. The Department of Licensing then records the traffic infraction on your driving record (also called your Abstract of Driving Record).

This means that when you receive a Washington traffic ticket, and the ticket is placed on your record, state law requires that the infraction remain there for five years. The end result of a traffic ticket is often higher insurance premiums, suspension of your driver's license, or loss of employment. Traffic tickets can be particularly devastating to drivers under 18 years of age and those holding a Commercial Driver's License (CDL).

An experienced traffic attorney can help Washington drivers avoid these problems by preventing the Department of Licensing from placing infractions on individuals driving records.

Whether faced with a WA speeding ticket, or a more serious infraction, Michael D. Sheehan offers twelve years of experience helping Washington drivers fight against potentially life-altering traffic tickets. Even if you agree with the officer who issued your traffic ticket that you committed a traffic infraction, Mr. Sheehan can still help. He achieves many dismissals of traffic tickets due to faulty or defective speed measuring devices (such as RADAR and LASER units) or mistakes made by police officers.

Still, every situation, every court, and every police department is different. This means it is essential you hire an attorney with experience in your particular Washington state court when fighting a traffic ticket. Michael D Sheehan appears in more than 50 courts statewide. As a result, good working relationships have been established with the judges and prosecutors who will decide the outcome of your case.

Michael D Sheehan has lived in Washington since 1977, and is a graduate of both Whitman College and Seattle University of Law. He passed the Washington State Bar Exam in 1997 before establishing his law office dedicated exclusively to traffic matters. Since then, he has helped thousands of clients get their traffic tickets dismissed.

Bottom line: Mr. Sheehan knows your court. Let him help you fight your Washington traffic ticket.

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